Cherry Creek Village understands there are a lot of questions to be asked when thinking of moving to a senior community. Our goal is to provide answers to your questions and give you peace of mind during this transition.

Common questions and answers:

Does insurance pay for independent living communities?

-No, insurance does not cover our services. However, Veterans’ benefits are available and can offset the cost of rent. Please contact us for more information on VA aid and attendance.

Are there any fees or a buy-in?

–We require a $1500 One Time Community Fee to hold an apartment. We return your deposit if you do not move to Cherry Creek Village.

Can I bring my own furniture and decor?

-Yes, residents bring their own furniture. Cherry Creek Village becomes home to our residents and we want them to feel comfortable.

What if I need help taking my medications?

-Although we do not administer medications, we can connect you with companies that can provide this service at our facility.

Is there access to transportation and is it wheelchair accessible?

-Yes, scheduled transportation is an amenity included in our rent price.

What if I can no longer live independently and need to move out?

-We have community partners that can assist you with staying in independent living. We are on a month-to-month rental basis but do require a 30 day notice to terminate a lease agreement.

Can I have overnight guests?

-Yes, you are welcome to have guests stay overnight. We also do not have visiting hours. You have the freedom to come and go as you like.

I am still able to care for myself. Why should I consider moving to Cherry Creek Village?

–We are able to provide freedom from home-ownership, security that someone will be available if a medical emergency arises and more access to social opportunities. If you wait until your health begins to fail, you may require a higher level of care and would miss the opportunities that independent living provides.