Such a lovely and wonderful place to live. You have everything that you would ever need. Being right off of the interstate, it is very convenient to travel to Birmingham or Chattanooga.
It’s no secret that I dearly love my apartment and all the amenities here at Cherry Creek Village. Everyone, staff and Residents, are friendly, nice people I’m privileged to know. I recommend Cherry Creek Village to anyone who wants to relieve themselves of homeowner responsibilities and wants an independent, safe gated community to enjoy life with other residents. You are just as social or private as you wish to be. A totally independent way of living. I love my life here.
This place is wonderful! It is an answer to prayers for Me and Mrs. B, that is what we are called here at Cherry Creek (Mr. and Mrs. B). It is a throw back to what my students called me when I taught school. Mrs. B has already benefited from living here, her dialysis readings are now at a normal level. Protein count is important to her survival and having 3 regular meals daily has helped tremendously. We both are excited at the social aspect of Cherry Creek Village. There is always something going on! We are meeting and making new friends daily. The building itself is aesthetically appealing and contributes to the relaxing atmosphere. There are delightful seating areas and a courtyard befitting of great office parks. From that delightful cup of coffee in the morning to sitting near the fountain and hearing the sounds reminiscent of a babbling brook at sunset….everything here says, Welcome Home, sit back, relax and enjoy your Golden Years.
Written by our resident, Mr. Buchanon